About Us

Shear Shark is a brand under TNM EUROPE who are manufacturing and exporting high quality surgical/dental instruments to the world market but also to continue, at its best, a renovating process with a view to bringing innovations coming up through latest trends and technology.

TNM EUROPE, has its foundations, deeper as long as 15 years when two skilled men renowned for their workmanship and expertise in manufacturing Surgical Instruments, specially Forceps & Scissors, cemented together with their bricks by starting local distribution of surgical instruments of their speciality, and gradually treaded their way from local distribution to a position as of today, thereby expanding their production base to almost full range of surgical, vertenary & Dental instruments.

TNM EUROPE has earned recognition from UK, Europe & US Market and also from majority of instrument companies of the world.

Quality Manufacturing Standards

Currently, we are manufacturing quality instruments, according to U.S.F.D.A’s ( United States Food & Drug Administration ) GMP’s ( Good Manufacturing Practices ). We’re proceeding to ISO 9000 certification.

Steel Components

We are currently using AISI 410, AISI 420 and 18/8 type of stainless steel, and according to the items specifications.

TNM EUROPE has its Headquarters at Ireland, from where it supplies its instruments to many countries of the world, as well as, looks after the progress of its sole representatives in selected regions of the world, gradually growing its business around the globe.

Quality Policy

Our QA (Quality Assurance) Department checks the quality of instruments during the various stages of manufacturing and finally before it is packing, to ensure that every tool we produce must be of high quality.

For any further information and discussion on the possibility of having business with us please feel free to contact us through any communication media of your choice.

We invite you to work with us and see the difference Thank you for your time and interest in Shear Shark(a Shear brand under TNM EUROPE), we will continue to do the best we can for the years to come.